Betrayal Internalized (2019)

Betrayal Internalized is the first single of Wizard Apprentice’s album, Dig A Pit, (Released May 2019 on Cruisin’ Records and Ratskin Records). The video pairs romantic, intimate bedroom imagery interspersed with invasive, voyeuristic perspectives to illustrate the song’s subject - the cognitive dissonance experienced by desiring a psychologically abusive ex. Directed by chi chi castillo and Wizard Apprentice.

Exorcism (2019)

"Exorcism" (directed by Wizard Apprentice & Bedroom Witch) uses horror film tropes to narrate feelings of paranoia and hyper vigilance following an abusive intimate relationship. It uses images of web cam surveillance to represent computer-based abusive behaviors, such as catfishing, hacking and social media security breaching. It's the follow up video to the first single "Betrayal Internalized." Both songs can be found on album, Dig A Pit (Released May 2019 on Cruisin’ Records and Ratskin Records).

Julius Smack “Buried Technology” (2017)

Song & video by Julius Smack (feat. Wizard Apprentice)

Keep It In, Keep It Out (2014)

Tropic Green “Golden Light” (2014)

The music video for “Golden Light” (song written by Tropic Green, video directed & edited by Wizard Apprentice) tells a story of friends time traveling to late-80’s Detroit to party at The New Dance Show, a public access television show that archives Detroit’s rich electronic dance music history.