“DIG A PIT” (Cruisin/Ratskin Records, 2019)

“I AM INVISIBLE” (Ratskin Records, 2018)

LITTLE BUG SOUNDTRACK (Buddy System Games 2018) Original Score by Wizard Apprentice & Moths Protect Me

“COMPUTER FOLK” (Practical Records, 2018) split album f. Julius Smack

“PASS THE INSIDE OF MY MOUTH” (Elestial Sound 2018) single from compilation, A Thousand Tones Vol. 2

“EVIDENCE” (Practical Records 2018) single from compilation, Energies

“KEEP IT COOL/WAR EMPIRE” (Practical Records, 2017) split album f. Kohinoorgasm

“TIME FLOAT” (Don Giovanni Records 2016) single on album Fetish Bones co-produced with Moor Mother

“KEEP IT IN, KEEP IT OUT” (Practical Records, 2015)

“RASH OF FEATHERS” (Self-released 2013)

FAT TRANSFER ALBUMS: Same Project, Different Name

Highly Sensitive Supremacist (Self-released 2011)

Cassette Fillers (Self-released 2011)

My Heart, The Cave (Self-released 2010)

Sloppy Music To Feel Dreamy To (Self-released 2003)